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When Zoltan from Southend on Sea bought a brand new Renault Zoe, he was keen to get his car on the road. As a lifelong technology and gadgets fan who had tested the world of EVs with an electric motorbike, he was looking forward to enjoying the modern efficiency of an electric car.

However, once he took the plunge and bought an EV from a local dealership, he discovered a problem – he needed an EV charging point at home to get his sleek new vehicle moving, but the installation was going to take far too long.

Desperate for an installation, Zoltan was dismayed to hear that a domestic installation from the charging point manufacturer, arranged through the dealership, would usually have a 3 week waiting time. His wife, a carer, needed the vehicle to make crucial visits to her patients homes. “I was desperate, it was our only form of transport. We had another car, but it was off the road. We couldn’t wait for three weeks.” With no public charging point near his house, he asked the dealer if he knew anyone who could get the job done faster. The dealer suggested Easy EV Charge.

48 Hour Turnaround

Easy EV Charge

When Easy EV Charge got the call from Zoltan on a Thursday, he was initially quoted an installation time on the following Tuesday. It was a big improvement on three weeks – but the situation became even better the next day, when Zoltan got a welcome call to say he could arrange a weekend installation. “They were on board straight away,” explained Zoltan. “Easy EV Charge really picked up on the urgency of the situation and said they would get it sorted – quick as that.” Jim the electrician from Easy EV Charge arrived at Zoltan’s house on Saturday morning. Within a couple of hours he had installed an EV charging point. From the initial call to installation, it took less than 48 hours.

Great support

With his new Renault Zoe fully charged, Zoltan was delighted with the quick installation. However the service didn’t end there. He wanted to apply for the government grant for domestic charging point installations administered though OLEV (the Office for Low Emission Vehicles).

“Easy EV Charge called to check we were happy with the installation, and then a representative popped round to sort out the paperwork for the grant.”

OLEV Registered

Easy EV Charge are accredited by OLEV, so they could take care of the paperwork – all Zoltan had to do was sign his name.

With a further subsidy from the manufacturer available exclusively through Easy EV Charge, the bill for the EV charging point installation was slashed from £1,154 to £195 – a saving of over 80%!

Pay less

Zoltan was so impressed by the service he received from Easy EV Charge that he sent a letter commending them to the local dealership, their head office and Renault.

“The service was brilliant. Easy EV Charge are professional and keen, and above all they took action.”


The customer needed an EV charging point installed in a hurry. With other installers quoting a 3 week waiting time, he needed to find a swift, professional installer.


Easy EV Charge recognised the urgency of the customer’s situation and stepped up to the challenge, completing a full EV charging point installation within 48 hours.


The customer’s electric vehicle was ready to take to the road almost immediately. Easy EV Charge helped him get a government OLEV grant and manufacturer subsidy to cut his installation bill by 80%.

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