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OLEV electric vehicle charging point installation

Easy EV Charge is a supplier and installer of OLEV electric vehicle charging points for both domestic and commercial clients, throughout the UK.

Easy EV Charge is registered with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which means that we are authorised to install EV charging points to domestic customers under the governments grant scheme. Under this scheme, the government will pay up to 75% of the cost of a domestic electric vehicle charging station.

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Easy EV Charge specialise in electric vehicle charging point installation in the UK. We are accredited to install EV home charging points under the Office for Low Emissions (OLEV) government grant scheme, which can save householders £350 on the cost of charging point installation.

If you have bought an electric vehicle, a home car charging point is the key to convenient charging and uninterrupted daily driving. Easy EV Charge has a product for all situations, wherever you need to locate a charging point in your home.



The retail, leisure, hotel, restaurant and tourism sectors all play an important part in providing electric car charging for their customers. Charging points can be a critical part of your business’s green policy, encouraging EV-driving customers to use your facilities rather than a competitor’s while charging and parking.

Workplaces also increasingly offer charging points for employees, and are investing in electric vehicle fleets to cut costs and emissions. Renault has confirmed that it expects its biggest demand to come from the commercial EV sector and has allocated production space for 15,000 plus light commercial vehicles. Easy EV Charge has the expertise to install the most appropriate charging infrastructure for your business, and is accredited under the OLEV workplace charging scheme.

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Local authority

A growing number of local authorities and education establishments are switching to green fleets for all of their departments. Easy EV Charge can assist local authorities and institutions with electric vehicle charging point installation in the UK and is accredited under the OLEV workplace charging scheme. We fit a range of electric car charging points, including single outlet wall mounted, double outlet wall mounted and double outlet ground pole mounted in both single and three phase.

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EV Charging Myths Busted

MYTH:Charging your EV at home will make your electricity bill go through the roof.
FACT: The average cost of charging at home is just £3.64 for a full charge, and several energy providers offer special tariffs and discounts for EV owners.

MYTH: Domestic chargers aren’t very powerful. It’s difficult to fully charge your EV at home. 
FACT: Domestic charging points are typically less powerful than charging points at service stations, but can usually fully charge an EV battery in 4-8 hours – ideal for overnight charging. Unless you drain the battery daily with long distance driving, a couple of hours charging at home will top up the EV battery to a full charge.

MYTH: Chargers are complicated to install and your options for charger placement are limited.
FACT: Of course, EV chargers need to be installed by a qualified professional. But with an increasing variety of charger types and cable lengths on the market, it’s possible to install an EV charger in many different domestic environments. Installing a dedicated EV charge point where you park your car is safer and more convenient than charging using a conventional household plug socket.

MYTH: Installing public EV charging points at your business is a waste of money.
FACT: Private EV owners look out for businesses that provide charging points, and plan journeys to include destinations where they can charge their vehicles. Providing a public EV charging point increases footfall, can provide an additional source of income and makes one-time visitors become repeat customers.

MYTH: There aren’t enough public charging points in the UK to get around.
FACT: There are public charging points at over 6,000 locations in the UK, and that number is growing all the time. Find up-to-date maps at Zap-Map.

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